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10 sustainable snacks for your cat, or one snack for each of your 10 cats.

Healthy, tasty, and sustainable! We brew clean protein for your carnivorous feline friends, without harming a single animal soul. Our goal is to feed as many cats as possible, reducing the fifth of the world's meat that is consumed by pets.

1 ton of animal protein replaced = 5,000 animal lives saved.

Healthily replacing animal protein for all cats = CO2 equivalent of 27 million cars off the road.

Each lickable treat contains an irresistible blend of kill-free, harm-free ingredients wrapped in the most sustainable packaging that we can source. With your purchase, you will support our mission and receive one of the first snack packs - post-extensive testing & veterinarian-approval. We will only feed to your fur babies what we have first fed to ours.


Will your food satisfy my cat's primal urges?

Yes! The protein we use in our cat food is the same as those found in the natural prey of cats. Thanks to our purification process, it is a cleaner protein than most of the "meat" that goes into pet food, without the unnecessary loss of animal lives.

What are the ingredients in the cat snack?

We are currently purrfecting our cat snack formula and sourcing the tastiest harm-free ingredients appropriate for carnivorous cats.

How does the science work?

We brew protein! When making beer, microbes convert sugar to alcohol. Our microbes convert sugar to protein - the same protein that cats eat in the wild. After this process, we separate the protein out, thank the microbes for their hard work, and put only the protein into our cat food. Our final product is non-GMO.

Is this vegan?

Yes - both our snacks and food are vegan, but without compromising carnivore health.

When will I get my cat snacks?

We're looking to get them in your hands / paws early 2024 (exact dates depending on location).

Can I cancel or return after ordering?

Yes - just shoot us an email at meow@tenlives.com.

Cool and all, but who are you?

Hi! We're Ruby and Vicki, self-professed cat ladies. Ruby is a world-class scientist (Harvard, UCSF) who is now directing her brainpower to making sustainable food healthier, and Vicki is an engineer who really loves cats. Together, with a team of veterinarians, we care about making the tastiest, healthiest, most sustainable food for your furry friends.

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